Lost Luggage Guardian Angels

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Lost Luggage Guardian Angels

Tips for reducing lost luggage:

Blue Ribbon Bags & Sonia Jones Travel

Recently Sonia sat down with CD Lazear, the Director of Sales for Blue Ribbon Bags. Sonia Jones Travel is partnered with Blue Ribbon Bags and provides every one of our customers a complimentary lost luggage tracking service with any international flight ticket purchased through SJT. Blue Ribbon Bags help to locate your luggage if it is delayed or mishandled and expedites its return to you, wherever you are in the world. Their guarantee is to reunite you with your missing bag within 96 hours, otherwise you receive US$1000 compensation. Nobody likes being stuck without a bag, and having our Blue Ribbon Bags guardian angels out there is peace of mind for our clients.

CD shared some great tips when it comes to travel and checked luggage. How many of these do you do?

BRB tips for lost luggage

Never buy a black suitcase.

Black bags are the most common and therefore the hardest for the airline to identify and locate. Pick a bright colour or a distinctive pattern.

Make it stand out.

Adding a bright ribbon, luggage strap or luggage tag to your bag will also help it to stand out and be recognised more easily. The luggage tags should have YOUR name on it so keep this in mind if you’ve borrowed a suitcase. Make sure you secure these well as straps and tags can come off during travel. (Side note – we have on good authority that our Sonia Jones Travel luggage straps are strong and durable! Another reason to book with us!)

Also, remove all those old stickers and barcodes from your suitcase. Always keep only the most recent airline tags and stickers on it.

Take a photo of your bag – both inside and out.

You know what you bag looks like, but having a photo of it makes it much easier to explain its appearance to an airline or Blue Ribbon Bags should it be mishandled. A photo of both the outside and the inside of the case (full of contents) can help to identify it if the baggage tags have been removed or destroyed in transit.

Put a card or address tag inside your bag.

Tuck a laminated card with your name, contact number and email address in the inner pocket of your suitcase. It’s a great way to identify the bag as yours should all other tags have come off. 

Thank you CD from Blue Ribbon Bags for sharing these great tips with us!