Lost bags? File your report:


(888) 224-4243

Key Facts:

  • You are eligible for reimbursement if your baggage is not returned to you within 4 days of your flight's arrival.
  • Proof of baggage contents (receipts) is NOT required to receive payment.
  • You must have filed a claim with the airline BEFORE reporting your lost baggage to Blue Ribbon Bags.
  • One Service Agreement ($5) covers a round trip or one way ticket, regardless of the number of connections or stop-overs.
  • One Service Agreement ($5) covers all baggage checked with the airline, including last-minute baggage checked at the gate.
  • Baggage protection may be purchased at any time prior to your flight's departure.

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For a $5 service fee, BRB pays $1,000 for each bag LOST by the airline after 4 days missing; no receipts for baggage contents required to receive payment.

Blue Ribbon Bags, LLC offers three levels of baggage replacement:

$5.00 $1,000
$7.50 $1,500
$10.00 $2,000

* Service Fee is per person. Replacement Value is per bag.