Direct Flights Announces Expedited Return of Undelivered Baggage


EZ Press Release  -- April 25, 2019 Direct Flights is proud to announce they have partnered with Blue Ribbon Bags for a new return luggage program. This program is designed to track and then expedite the return of undelivered baggage by an airline.
Travelers who participate in this program have the guarantee if their luggage isn’t found after a period of 96 hours, Blue Ribbon Bags will send the individual $1,000 per bag.
This company fully understands the frustration of not receiving baggage in a timely manner, which is why they teamed with Blue Ribbon Bags. This helps take the stress and hassle out of losing a bag and providing financial compensation if it cannot be retrieved in a timely manner.
Filing a report of missing baggage is simple and can be done via phone, with a Blue Ribbon Bags representative or through the company’s easy-to-use online form.
More information about the baggage protection service, Blue Ribbon Bags, from Direct Flights can be found by visiting the company’s website or by contacting the professional staff at +61-2-8488-5880.
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