Blue Ribbon Bags Red App Launches on Sabre Red Workspace

NEW YORK, Dec. 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blue Ribbon Bags, the premier and only service that pays for bags lost by an airline, launches its Red App on the Sabre Red Workspace. America’s #1 Travel Agent Network, Travel Leaders is the first to download the Blue Ribbon Bags Red App for all of its thousands of agents. Founded by Gabriel Menkin, CEO, Daniel Levine, President, and Don Yahalom, COO, in 2011, Blue Ribbon Bags is revolutionizing the way people travel, and assisting travel agencies in earning 20 percent commission on sales. A satisfaction guarantee of $1,000 per bag is paid for a $5 service fee if Blue Ribbon Bags is unable to assist airlines in finding the passenger’s bag after 4 days, Blue Ribbon Bags alleviates traveler anxiety about lost luggage while creating more customer loyalty with this differentiating service.

Started as a way to give travelers “a piece of mind” when checking luggage with an airline, Blue Ribbon Bags is currently available for customers traveling on any airline in every country around the world.

The Blue Ribbon Bags Sabre Red App is available through the Sabre Red App Centre. Agents can pull all the passenger information required in three clicks. Since initially launching in June, over 3,000 travel agents have been using the app and growing each day. Blue Ribbon Bags also pays the agency a commission on each sale, allowing the agency to generate additional revenue. Travel agents who use the Blue Ribbon Bags Red App alleviate traveler anxiety about their luggage and create more customer loyalty with this unique service. The Sabre Red App Centre and the Blue Ribbon Bags Red App provides an innovative solution to travel agents, developers, agencies and travel-related companies.

The Travel Leaders Group, one of the world’s largest travel agencies, with tens of thousands of agents across the globe is currently using Blue Ribbon Bags service for many of their client’s trips. “Travel Leaders is very excited about the Blue Ribbon Bags service and all of its perks,” says Mike Batt, Founder and Chairman of the Travel Leaders Group. “Aside from the commission opportunity, the bonus of the baggage tracking system is a huge plus for both the agent and our clients. Since the release of the Sabre app, we are seeing a tremendous surge in usage, and we anticipate continued growth for this product within all of our various departments.”

The Blue Ribbon Bags Service is the only coverage available for lost luggage that can be purchased within the twenty-four hour window before a passenger’s flight. For more information about Blue Ribbon Bags, and how the process works please visit

Stacey Bender