Travel Insured International Announces New Partnership with Blue Ribbon Bags

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Travel Insured International sent a press relase announcing their new partnership with Blue Ribbon Bags.


The release mentions how Blue Ribbon Bags' global delayed airline luggage product will be available as a part of travel insurance bundles sold through Tour Operators. 


Specifically mentioned:


With assistance from Blue Ribbon Bags, plan holders will also receive intermediary support in pursuing their lost baggage, which can be a tedious and time-consuming process.


Blue Ribbon Bags CEO, Gabriel Menkin, understands that airlines are doing their best to keep up with lost baggage claims. "Our job is to make that process a little bit better and to keep that communication with the customer as smooth as possible," says Menkin


Travel Insured partners with large tour operators that provide travel packages to customers, which can include air travel, ground transportation, local tours, and other services at one or more locations per trip. For travelers with varied trip types and multiple destinations on their itineraries, baggage protection may be more important than ever.


About BRB:

BRB is the world’s leading lost luggage tracking service. For only $5, BRB tracks and expedites the return of luggage lost by airlines. Passengers received real-time updates via SMS, WhatsApp, or e-mail regarding the status of their luggage. If the luggage cannot be returned to the passenger within 96 hours, BRB will provide the passenger with a satisfaction guarantee of $1,000. BRB covers every flight, everywhere in the world.